Thursday, September 29, 2011

Trouble Commenting?

I don't guess you'll be able to answer this question if you can't comment, but let's see if we can get something figured out here.  Tanya, my wife, wrote a couple of paragraphs the other night as comments to one of my blog posts.  She said that when she hit the 'post comment' button - the whole comment disappeared, never to be found again.  I recalled Derek saying that he had tried to comment on a post in the past and lost the comment also.  So I went to the blog, didn't sign in, and tried to comment anonymously.  It disappeared.  That would be extremely frustrating to me if I was a visitor trying to comment, and I probably wouldn't try again.  It actually is frustrating to me to think that readers are unable to post without having a Google account.  I would rather move the site than force readers to join something in order to comment.  My intent is to have a discussion involving many people about these issues and this isn't helping.  I also don't even like having to read and type some kind of wavy letters in order to comment.  I know that's supposed to cut down on spam, but I don't really think that's a problem.  I see other much more popular websites where you can comment without doing those things.  
Has anybody else experienced these issues?  
Do you have any suggestions?
Can you answer me?


  1. I've spoken with several people about this issue now, some of whom said they had written lengthy comments or posts only to have them disappear. I am going to look into moving this blog to WordPress. It looks to be a little more user friendly. I don't think BlogSpot is allowing me to achieve my goals here.

    What about getting your own web domain for free? Does anybody have any experience with that? I'd have total feedom but little help I would think.

  2. I dunno about getting a domain for free, but I've paid for domains and web hosting myself before. It's a good bit more complicated, however, than a site like this.

  3. Yeah, WordPress may be the answer. I think that's what Sarah uses now, maybe for these same reasons. Kory also suggested it.

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