Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Blog about Blogging

Though I have been enjoying posting thoughts on this site, I have noticed that there are few (and diminishing) responses.  The odd thing is - there are several page hits a day, but no comments.  Why? (my favorite question)  Maybe what I'm posting is not interesting (obviously that's highly unlikely).  Maybe readers think they will be revealed for what they truly are, nominal sycophants (also highly unlikely).  So what's up?  Is the posting of your thoughts on the internet intimidating to you?  Am I not reaching the very heart and soul of your deepest concerns?  Are you watching football?  Speak! (or type)


  1. Ahhh, I have a few minutes with an internet connection! I have many things to post on the blog....

    The first thing i think about this post is most people are not going to comment. I have no hard evidence of this, however i think talk radio may be a similar parallel.

    People listen to talk/sports/call in shows because the are entertaining, thought provoking, and or help validate their opinions Think about how many listeners Jim Rome, Rush, or other personalities have. The number of callers or i should say the number of people who attempt to call vs the # of listeners has to be a huge ratio.

    I love listening to Jim Rome Show. I listen almost every day to some portion of it. I would never call or attempt to call. It doesn't mean i don't have an opinion or thought to contribute, i just like listening to the show. Perhaps people enjoy reading the blog, however don't feel an urge to respond. Just a thought. Many more to come.....

  2. As the second most prolific poster on this site, I realize that you may not be talking to me.

    That said, I typically do most of my internet postings from my desk at work. Occasionally from home, like right now, but mostly from work.

    It so happens that the past week at work have been crazy busy for me and I've barely been able to catch my breath, let alone post a blog response.

    So for me, it usually comes down to time. I have no shortage of thoughts. I'm not intimidated to post them on the interwebs. I like many of the topics you've raised. I just don't always have the time to put my thoughts in print. And I don't even know what a nominal sycophant is.

  3. I actually tried to comment on the financial post the other day, but it didn't go through for some reason.

  4. That's all good feedback for me to hear.
    I'd like to encourage all of you, and anyone else you might want to invite to this site, to interact. I think the value will be found in the interaction. We don't even have to agree. In fact, disagreeing brings about deeper thought usually. Don't be afraid to disagree. I don't make a penny off this site, not that it would be wrong, I just don't want to give the impression that I'm doing this to make some money. I legitimately just want what the header says: a forum for discussion. I invited you guys because you have good thoughts worth expressing and discussing.
    And no, Steve, I wasn't directing this post at you. I considering renaming this site the Steve and Rob Blog. BTW, a nominal sycophant is a sycophant in name only.
    Imago Dei!

  5. Comments are tough to come by. Asking a question at the end of a post is a good tip, but you seem to pretty much do that already. I'm not entirely sure who your audience is, or who you want them to be, but other bloggers have told me that the best way to get comments on your site is to visit other blogs like yours and comment on them (of course, only the ones you find interesting). It's definitely not for a lack of readership or interest in the topics. It also really helps to post each thing to Facebook and Twitter if you use them. Maybe for the less tech savvy you could do a commenting tutorial?