Friday, November 16, 2012

Bloggers Blog about Blogging

A little over a year ago, I wrote a post entitled A Blog About Blogging.  In that post, I lamented the lack of responses 'we' were getting.  I say we because my intention with this blog has never been to unilaterally dictate my thoughts to an audience, but rather for us all to raise interesting questions/topics and have a discussion about them.  Additionally, I don't 'monetize' this site so it can be plainly and purely about the marketplace of thoughts and ideas.

However, responses rarely happen.

I've noticed the same phenomenon on the blogs of those who have much wider circles of contacts, and even the blogs of some fairly well-known national personalities.  Additionally, I've commented on the blogs of those who seem to have like-minded worldviews and even then often don't get a response back from the blogger!  It seems very odd to me.

So it has made me wonder lately about the feasiblility of having a bloggers blog.

Obviously, those who blog enjoy doing so.  Many may just want to get information out about what their family is up to, or post some pictures.  But others seem to want to have a discussion about various important topics.  They enjoy give and take on debating issues.  

What if there was a blog that was just made up of bloggers?  Combine various like-minded bloggers into one site.  Seek out those who feel similarly get them to trade unilateral control for greater interaction.  I think that's what I've tried to do here by inviting everyone I know that I think may be interested to be an 'author' on this site.

On the Blog About Blogging, Will mentioned a theory he has about lack of commenting that's related to talk shows.  He said a lot of people listen, but very few (percentage-wise) call in.  Maybe that's true.  But I feel certain that there are those out there who, like me - and Steve, and maybe Micah - want to exchange thoughts and ideas in a convenient method like blogging.  Not just getting their own ideas out there, but having interaction with others about the thoughts of the group.

Any comments?


  1. I like to blog and's a time thing with me. With many others it may be a technical thing whether that's something on the internet side or the writing ability side (I type too slow, or I can't form thoughts easily in print, or whatever). I love to interchange the ideas and see what others think...

    Honestly, my biggest complaint is I still can't find a way to get this site to send me an email when someone responds/comments on comment line I've commented on already, so that I know the discussion is continuing. Otherwise, it's impossible for me to come check the site every day or two and see if anyone's continued the discussion (heck, some of the thread's I've commented on I will never know if someone else commented on because they're ten pages back or whatever). So there's my two cents and free interchange of ideas :D

    Love ya Rob!

    1. Love you too bro. That's a strange one, about you not getting alerts of comments. I would think being a 'follower' of this blog would automatically make that happen, but you are?! Did you sign up through 'follow by email' on the right bar?

      That's another point I've mentioned in the past, and thought about bringing up here, is technical difficulties. I've thought about moving to another site like WordPress, but didn't feel like moving all the posts (unless that could be done automatically). Plus there are some things about WordPress that I don't particularly like.

      I don't know if simply getting my own domain would be easier or not. It probably wouldn't be free, and I wouldn't have the ease of use I have on a site that caters to bloggers. So the end result is this.

      I sent you an author request a couple of months ago, but don't see you listed. I'll send it again. Maybe that will help.

    2. Actually, it looks like you are.

  2. Yeah, I get emails when there's a new blog post up, but not comments...I can't find a spot to check to get those :*(

    1. Hmm, I don't know. I get an email every time someone comments. That's how I saw this one by you. I know WordPress has you select to follow a blog, then get alerts on each individual blog post when there's a comment. Maybe that's better.

  3. By the by, ol matey, peruse the latest bloggings over the holidays and commit to print and eternity your offerings.