Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Explode Your Brain

Explode:  to expand with force

Click on above link to watch YouTube video.

Why do I want you to watch this?  
Because it shows how we naturally come to accept as mundane, what is actually incredibly intricate, complex, fascinating and ultimately mysterious.  Something as simple as viewing a leaf takes on a whole new dimension.  Of course, the opposite can be said as well.  What is so incomprehensibly complex, and open to controversy between philosophy and science, can be so readily and simply understood at a basic level though experience.

In a sense, we are living in 'The Matrix'.

Reality is as much a product of how we perceive it, as it is the material world itself.

Can spiritual realities really be that hard to believe?

'Regular' life is a testament to the vast unknowns of what God has done.

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