Monday, August 13, 2012


Who would have thought that the battle for the morals of America would come down to a chicken sandwich?-Greg Steir

I promised i would write this blog post as soon as I got my sandwich-man that line was looooonng!
Line outside Hurstbourne Lane Chick-Fil-A at lunch time. 

I've been trying to formulate an opinion on all the craziness surrounding the recent comments of Chick-Fil-A President, Dan Cathy.

I was one of the masses that took my family to Chick-Fil-A on August 1st for Support Chick-Fil-A Day to support the right the company has to free speech. It upset me that elected officials in other parts of our country were attempting to block the company from expanding in their markets because of the owners comments.

As my family and some friends stood in the crowd at Chick-fil-a, a man shouted "GOD BLESS CHICK-FIL-A!" his hand raised, clutching a bag of waffle fries.  The crowd erupted in shouts and applause.  I started to laugh as I thought, I wonder if that guy ever shouted "GOD BLESS BURGER CHEF!!" or “GOD BLESS EAR-X-TACY!!!" before leaving those places of business.  If he had, I may be writing this blog while eating a burger and listening to a rare KISS import CD.

It’s easy to stand in line for a sandwich and shout amongst like-minded people.  It’s more difficult to pray daily for your friends, family and country, or do the work of getting your hands dirty.  

This isn’t to say that guy who shouted isn't doing those things.  He may very well be.  

And maybe he does shout “GOD BLESS RAVE CINEMAS!” every time he sees a movie...i dunno.  I  just want to encourage everyone to use this event to “spur one another on to love and good deeds”.

Or as my friend, Keith, wrote in a recent email:

May I suggest that going to a local Chick-Fil-A once in awhile does not constitute a spiritual revival.

That comment made me laugh as well as my spirit jump!  Somebody actually “gets it”!  A spiritual revival can only happen through prayer, followed by action.

What if instead of going to Chick-Fil-A, everyone took their money and donated it to a crisis pregnancy center, or homeless shelter?  What if all the food that was bought was donated?  What if people took their lunch break and prayed?  What if we used the opportunity to start conversations with people?

I’m not saying going to Chick-Fil-A was a bad thing. I went...and will again. However, there is a perception, real or imagined, that Christians:
A) hate gay people 
B) are too political 
C) talk a lot but don’t do anything 
D) are only interested in converting you,  

Sadly, while I was pleased with the turnout, i’m afraid that this is just another event that perpetuated our image problem.

Most of us will get fired up and wait in line for an hour for a sandwich, but complain when the church service goes too long.  We will take a “stand” for Biblical marriage, when we never even open the Bible with our spouse.  We oppose gay marriage, but don’t have any relationships with gay people.

I posted the above picture on Facebook on Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day.  Among the “Amen” and “Halleluiah” comments posted by others, Chris, a gay kid I’ve connected with at Campus Life, an after school ministry at a local high school, commented, “makes me feel loved...oh wait...the exact opposite”.  

Again, we have a perception problem.  To some, the Chick Fil A Day was a rallying point for lovers of free speech, for others it was saying “Christians hate me because I’m gay,”
If we really want to see the needle move, eating a sandwich isn’t going to do it. 

Jesus said the greatest commandments were to love God and love your neighbor.  

It's time to move from a defense to a discussion.

If we focus on God and people, and not just “causes” God will honor that and hopefully we will see revival.  


  1. Here's the problem. You are already focusing on God and people, but that doesn't matter to the gay kid you've been developing a relationship with. Because you ate a sandwich at Chick-Fil-A, he feels unloved.

    So what CAN you do? How CAN you make that kid feel loved? Agree with the LGBT lobby and deny your God? Most of the time it seems to me like that's what it will take.

    This entire issue is nothing but the LGBT lobby picking a fight. "Oh? the Christian owners of Chik-Fil-A support a biblical view of marriage? HOW DARE THEY?!?!?!?! #SHOCK #RAGERAGERAGE"

  2. I get what you're saying. On one hand I feel that Christians demonize gays as being the worst kind of sinner. On the other hand, gay is legitimized as a valid lifestyle today. It's a tricky issue.

    1. Sorry, hit publish by accident.
      Also, you're correct, we get real passionate about defending a cause, but not so energetic about getting to know people who are different than us. Christians are often times very insulated and isolated.

  3. Man.. I got so confused by all these Chick-fil-a support/protest days. I ended up making out with my chicken sandwich and trying to post a photo of it on linked-in.

  4. I disagree, Steve. I think it does matter to him, the fact that we have a relationship opens lines of communication for discussion. The picture I posted elicited two different responses: to a large portion of people it is a picture of people standing up for Biblical marriage, for another group it is a picture of something entirely different.

    As a follower of Christ, i would like to see just as many people who take time for a "cause" take equal time for a conversation. I used to get so upset when television shows would get someone totally incompetent as "the Christian" on a panel show. They'd pick the most uneducated zealot and I would say to the the TV "HE/SHE doesn't represent me!!!!" I liken it to 3 people who, after finding out that I am "Baptist", said "so are you with all those 'God Hates Fags' Baptists?"

    Again, i was at Chick-Fil-A. I ate their proudly. I will do it again.

    But it makes me upset that people may identify me as someone who hates gay people and is too political. So, as you ask, WHAT CAN WE DO?

    What we can do is join the discussion with those around us. Get into relationships with people who are different than us. Be "salt and light". Sure, there will always be people that hate us but they don't hat us because of us, they hate us because they hate Christ.

    All men will hate you because of me, but he who stands firm to the end will be saved.-Jesus

    Jesus was crushed by "the church" because he was a "friend of sinners".

    We as followers of Christ have a perception problem. If you (collective "you") don't think so ask yourself:
    Do I hate gay people?
    Am I too political?
    Am I a hypocrite?
    Do i only talk to non christians to try to convert them?

    Steve, I know none of these things describe you AT ALL. Why do so many people think this about us?

    Let's be in prayer, be part of the conversation, and still take stands when led by the Holy Spirit.

    1. The other thing I meant to say earlier was...we (as Christians) are often known by the things we're against. Think about when you were a kid. How would you describe a Christian? They don't drink, cuss, smoke, or have any fun. I think many people still view it that way. 'Thou shalt not'. It was a revelation to me when, in adulthood, I realized God's requirements were for my good, and for full life. Also, the things we're for are perceived as an agenda. Convert the lost, target the Jews, boycott Disney. Not saying there isn't a place for a plan of action, but these things have a high propensity to be very polarizing. And once we're in our camps...let the mortars fly!

  5. Interesting commentary on the debate

    1. I can make links clickable in the posts, but not in these comments for some reason. I guess you just have to copy and paste.

  6. I read that article Rob linked earlier this morning. Good article.