Friday, December 30, 2011

What Time? Is It?

Another year draws to a close.

What is a year?

I like very fundamental questions.  Sometimes things are so common to our thinking that we get misled by the supposed obviousness of the situation.  Or maybe it's just a man's perspective as opposed to God's.

A year:  365 days?  What's a day?  24 hours?  What's an hour ... well, you get the picture.  We define time by more time.  But what is time really?  We call one cycle by the earth around the sun a year.  Or the perception of the sun rising 365 times.  But the sun doesn't really rise, the earth rotates us into it's view.  More perspective issues.  We normally think of all these things as being the passage of time. 

I propose that time is not real.  It's a concept.  It's an illusion of sorts.  We are subjected to changes as we are born, mature and die.  We call that the passage of time.  We use the concept of time to place events in a sequence.  We use a ticking clock to count off seconds and minutes and hours and call that time.  The other illusion that accompanies it is the idea that we've got plenty of it. 

God is not impacted by this concept of time.  How is that?  He doesn't change.  He doesn't get old.  He isn't any different now than yesterday or a million years ago, or a billion years ago, far back can we go?  It doesn't matter because time is irrelevant when you talk about God, or eternity.  To speak of eternity as being timeless is more accurate than to speak of it as being unending time.

Here's the important part:  Life is short.  What are you doing with it?

We are repeatedly told by our Creator that life is a vapor, a mist, a flower that blooms in the morning and is gone by evening.  In other words - brief.  Why?  What's the point?  A couple of things come to mind.  As I said earlier, we have this incorrect idea that we've got plenty of time.  Is there something important we need to do?  We'll get to it - eventually.  Yet, the reality is - we aren't guaranteed even 1 more breath after this.  Also, we like to think very highly of ourselves.  We can accomplish great things.  Build huge monuments to our cleverness and ingenuity.  But we quickly fade away.  Even the monuments crumble and disappear over time.

What is truly lasting?  Only God, life for the believer, and those things we do by and for Him.
The spiritual is more 'real' than the physical, yet we are usually dominated by the physical.

No matter how old you are - 'time' is almost up.  Make the most of it.  Get started.

“All people are like grass...the grass withers and the flowers fall...but the word of our God endures forever.”


  1. Quite the existential post, but I dig it. I don't have anything good to contribute to this post, but I'm better for having read it =)

  2. Great! (I'm trying to quit saying Awesome! so much)